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MDS offers assessment tools for Professionals who work with students/clients in the following areas;

MDS products include:

(MDS) McCarron-Dial Evaluation System
(SSSQ) Street Survival Skills Questionnaire
(PMT) Perceptual Memory Task
(P-MAC/ESP) Perceptual Motor Assessment for Children
(CVES) Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation System for the Blind
(VIE) Vocational Interest Exploration System
(ABC) Achieving Behavioral Competencies
and related interpretive software programs. Click on item for product descriptions.

The McCarron Dial Systems identify relative strengths and needs in up to five areas of functioning:

Verbal-Cognitive Language, Learning Ability and Achievement
Sensory Perceiving and Experiencing the Environment
Motor Muscle Strength, Speed and Accuracy of Movement, Balance and Coordination
Emotional Response to Interpersonal and Environmental Stress
Integration-Coping Adaptive Behavior

Assessment batteries provide data from these five factors which may be used to estimate the appropriate program level for serving individuals in a preschool, transitional planning, prevocational or vocational setting. Computer programs are available for quantifying/analyzing data and providing various reports ranging from recommendations for educational management to job placement. Individual educational, vocational, remediation and/or accommodation plans may be drafted by considering relative strengths and needs among the five factors. A comparative analysis of the individual's performance on the five factors can be made to normative references.

You may contact us at:

McCarron-Dial Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 35285
Dallas, TX 75235-0285
Telephone: 214/634-2863
Fax: 214/634-9970

All McCarron-Dial products are produced in the U.S.A. MDS is a women owned and operated small business.

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