Updates for the Street Survival Skills Questionnaire (SSSQ)

MDS has recently reprinted the nine content volumes for the SSSQ. All volumes except numbers 1, 2, 3 and 7 have updated. Pricing is listed below.

Please note that these updated volumes are only replacements for users who have the nine volumes packaged in the 3-ring binder with dividers (© 1989, 1993, 2003). Users that have the nine individual spiral bound volumes may purchase the replacement volumes/binder combination (S126) for $310.00.


Volume 4 (Domestic Management) © 2010; Stock no. R16 - $37.50

Includes updated washer/dryer dials and laundry/fabric information

Volume 5 (Health, Safety & First Aid) © 2009; Stock no. R17 - $37.50

Changes include Tylenol replacing aspirin, addition of digital thermometers, Pharmacy replaces outdated drug store

Volume 6 (Public Services) © 2009; Stock no. R18 - $37.50

Includes updated stamps, money, and checks; updated telephones, nine-digit telephone numbers and 911

Volume 8 (Monetary) © 2007; Stock no. R20 - $37.50

Includes updated coins and current series bills

Volume 9 (Measurements) © 2010; Stock no. R21 - $37.50

Changes include the addition of digital and 'dial' type thermometers


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