New Comprehensive Interpretive System and Norms for the CVES!

Vocational and Educational Profile Analysis and Reporting System (VEPARS)

VEPARS is a new software interpretive system that analyzes data derived from history*, behavioral observations and standardized tests collected by the Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation System (CVES) for persons with visual impairment or blindness. The VEPARS system provides in-depth interpretation of the major CVES factors (verbal-spatial-cognitive, sensorimotor and emotional-coping), as well as vocational interests and academic achievement. It permits the input of behavioral observations made during the assessment in addition to historical information* obtained from interview and records. A thorough narrative report of the individual's results is generated including factor interpretations, strengths and limitations, vocational and residential potential, occupational choices and recommendations. Additional data and profile reports may be generated. The following highlights the important features of VEPARS:

The VEPARS system includes embedded norms from over 1,800 cases of individuals who are blind or visually impaired with no other known disability.

VEPARS converts all CVES raw data internally to standard scores for interpretation.

New academic achievement norms are available for contracted braille readers (grade II).

Pull down windows for entering secondary disabilities and/or etiologies of visual-impairment/blindness are included.

Inputs for level of visual function, educational level, age at onset of visual loss and ethnicity also allow for selected adjustments to cognitive, sensory, motor and adaptive behavioral scores that may be affected by these issues.

Combinations of CVES data are translated to specific traits such as Attention-Concentration, Short and Long Term Memory, permitting more detailed interpretation of the CVES factors.

Vocational section allows for any Holland one, two or three code input for occupational selection.

Occupations selected on the basis of vocational interest may be further matched by the individualís performance on specific traits.

The Vocational section is directly linked to O*Net for convenience of occupational exploration.

The VEPARS narrative report details all interpretation in a clear, concise manner with excellent sentence flow.

Data and profile reports provide a quick and useful reference for consumer and counselor feedback sessions.

More than two hours in report writing time can be saved.

A help system is embedded in the program and a tutorial program is available.

For children and adolescents ages 14 to17, an add-on feature called the Profile Analysis for Children (PACS) provides specific educational recommendations for transitional consumers.**

* The history module will be available in late 2014 at an additional cost of $1200.00.

**The PACS is currently available at an additional cost.

System Requirements:

VEPARS replaces the older EPARS software program, which has been discontinued. Since EPARS is incompatible with Windows 7 (64 bit) and Windows 8, support will be discontinued for the program after June 30, 2013.

The VEPARS (S225) software price is $1800.00.

MDS will also offer discounts for multiple-users at a site. Please contact MDS for further information.

Technical support for VEPARS will be provided at no charge for a period of 6 months after licensing of the program. One (1) year technical support (including updates) contracts may be purchased at the following rates; Initial license .... $400 per year, Each additional license ... $300 per year. A 20% discount will be offered for extended support contracts purchased with the VEPARS program.

The PACS (S226) module is available for $1200.00.


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